03/09/17 16:07
some of the long standing members of this game may remember team rebels my team Dark Destroyers has taken them over which is my second account as i'm the leader of world elite my plans for the guild are to have young british teams competing I'll be keeping the name rebels out of respect for the man who created them and I will personally give you all my tips via email to improve your game with a view to maybe even promoting you should you become or are good at the game .if your interested give dark destroyers a friendly and I'll drop anyone who is interested an invite, The only requirement is they must speak English . At this moment fans are not too important + you may see some of my members heading over to help out this guild is for less active players in the game who maybe can't commit to the game everyday but still want to play . Gc's will most likely be once a week but could be more If people want that i'm open.

Thanks Ashley
03/09/17 23:18
Join at your peril, Ashley is a complete tool
04/09/17 01:04
He will teach you to use many friendlies to lock opponents out during the closing hour of guild challenges. I thought our banter had grown a friendly rivalry but what world elite did was poor form even if you were say...unemployed from leeds.
04/09/17 01:24
MK Spurs..... :

Join at your peril, Ashley is a complete tool

can't disagree with that
04/09/17 04:36
hahaha someone been talking about me nice to know people look at my Facebook page an chat rubbish unemployed from Leeds you got it half right but actually not unemployed thankyou very much again a complete lack of respect and disregard for any member who isn't your own but personally none of your business or anyone elses what I do in dailylife
04/09/17 06:46
Ooooo i smell a hint of a sore loser.. dont you just love a guild that cant accept losing.. isnt it funny how the biggest cockwomble in the game goes round calling people a cunt.. people in glass houses shouldnt throw stones you ballbag
04/09/17 13:44
04/09/17 19:25
Lol hahahaha will whale oh it was satisfying I was in Hysterics knowing that MK couldn't do a thing, and the guild well I think just about everyone got great satifiscation knowing it would kill MK an wind the heck out him and well it worked to perfection and the comments on the forum just topped my night thanks once again MK
05/09/17 00:27
03/01/18 07:14
I think we should all unite against the iranians,ashley will be a good tool