Leagues being fixed for certain teams to automatactially go up

22/01/18 11:32
Because of the way this game is set up with so much promotion they were always going to reach a point where you only had 3 team at the top level.

I find it amazing that they never thought this out & saw at sometime it would run into trouble unless they change things in the end the whole game except the very low levels will only have 3 teams in it & it will become a total farce.

They need to change things now before it goes too far & also have something like a premier level which is as far as you can go. It would be far better if they only promoted the top three up one level & the bottom three got relegated one level right now if you are in the lower part you may as well give it up half way through the season & build for the next as you are not going to go down by bringing in relegation it will make them think more & it will also bury the abandoned teams as they wont remove them or even let the person who runs them remove them either.