Change G C back to 24 hours prep time

02/09/18 14:50
This new 12 hours waiting for a guild challenge to start is totally stupid there is about a 50/50 chance you will get instant opponents & we have just finished one so if I hit the start button now it we could have one start at around 01.50 or later if not instant but almost certainly by 04.30.

What moron thought that one up we have always tried to get them to start at a sane time in the day to do that now somebody has to try & start it in the middle of the night

Even by cheat nitro's standards this is utterly stupid
02/09/18 15:35
At last somebody has noticed why 12 hours is a totally moronic idea
02/09/18 22:05
It may be a 12 hour cool down....but the wait time to find a "suitable opponent" seems to have sharply increased. To wit, we are now on hour 14 of waiting for a "suitable opponent". Before this updated, it was rare it too more than 30 minutes to match us up. The last guild challenge was about a 10 hour wait to find the "suitable opponent".
04/09/18 12:29
Our last 3 have all been almost instant I think 10 mins was about the longest you must have just been unlucky
02/03/23 07:21
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