Match bonus points

18/12/15 12:19
Which bonus points system is used for matches?
Normal Union, French or Australian?
18/12/15 15:50
The World Cup system (the first one in the page you linked).

Score 4 tries or more to get the offensive bonus.
Lose by 7 points or less to get the defensive bonus.
25/06/18 04:39
Is this still relevant?
25/06/18 04:54
25/06/18 06:58
Guest CQQRHG :

Is this still relevant?

Was changed to bonus scoring 3 more tried than opposition and losing by 4 if i remember rightly.... Im sure someone will tell me if im wrong
25/06/18 08:11
Defensive bonus for losing by 6 points or fewer?
25/06/18 18:34
Thought it was five for def bonus and had to score at least 1 try.
25/06/18 19:54
Pretty sure it's score 3 tries more than your opponent for offensive bonus and lose by 3 points or less for defensive bonus.

Could be wrong, or maybe nobody knows judging my the above comments. Lol.
25/06/18 20:03
So definitely 3 tries more for offensive bonus, but apparently none of are sure on defensive bonus, pmsl. Somewhere between 3+6 or maybe a different number entirely. Hope that's made things clearer...
25/06/18 20:38
Clear as mud.