14/02/16 13:21
Can someone give me a rundown on what they feel is the best strategie. I've played about with them but it doesn't seem to change much if I'm honest. In level ten now so doing something right! It Serbs to me though that it pretty much boils down to your average rating. Better players will always win. Not that that is totally daft just not completely realistic now, is it? Any help would be great. Cheers
15/02/16 00:22
Strategy is more important than average rating... Try different strategies including player specific strategies and see how they fare.. Took me a while to find best formula
17/02/16 00:25
Ben - do you think there's one 'ideal' strategy that ultimately rules, or is it more than you've found one which others haven't found a way round yet? It seems there's a load of different options for how to play, each of which can be beaten by a specific type of tactic. I appreciate that inducing fouls and then having a good kicking game seems to be very effective.
17/02/16 00:43
The low aggression strategy inducing a lot of fouls has proved highly effective for a lot of the top players..if you check the individual player strategies for some of the top teams there are a lot of similarities . Hopefully the next update will remove the zero aggression tactics that are so successful at moment as some games are won on pens alone with kicks from inside your own half at minute.
17/02/16 19:43
I recommend the strategy book on Amazon. Great read.
17/02/16 21:16
Cheers for the reply Ben. I'll be interested to see if another strategy is developed that renders the 'foul' strategy less effective. I understand you're one of the strongest players, so I'm sure you've spent a while honing the strategies!