We've Got Strats My backside!

01/12/16 19:32
Ok I would like to begin with that I personally do not mind either ways if peeps use MB or not as I feel its as much a part of the game then being able to spend your own hard earned money on buying players for a game!

Ok so we are currently playing We've Got Strats... No MB needed!!! In a GVG and as peeps know a lot of there player also claim not to use MB with MB mentioned in there team names, all good and above board on paper.

Well it should be, that is if the guild and players lived by there claims in not using MB!

There are several that have used MB in this current GVG and as I said above there is nothing wrong with this but what is wrong with this when YOUR claiming not too and then go ahead and do! If your going to use it then bloody use it but don't claim to be all high and mighty with your names and guild name about not using it, pathetic if you ask me.

You should be made to change your team names and guild name immediately as I find it offensive and untruthful.

Personally I used MB in league games but have not used MB in GVG for about 5 months as this is my choice but I don't run around calling my team "Liverpool RFC....NO MB NEEDED SOMETIMES"

If you used MB don't feel embarrassed about it (I feel embarrassed for you due to your names) a friend of mine once said, I used MB and I am not ashamed too admit it as I would rather spend GAME money on beating teams who spend REAL money!

Good night and farewell.


01/12/16 19:40
Well said Steven
01/12/16 20:24
Who exactly is it that you believe to have used MB?
01/12/16 20:28
Coach qBaLL :

Who exactly is it that you believe to have used MB?

Lamanga for sure as he is the only one who has played me and I played him in a friendly right after and wiped the floor with him. Others in our guild have and believe the same, get beat in GVG then win in a friendly.

Are you associated to this guild mate?
01/12/16 20:31
I am a right hand and we definately do not have a Lamanga in our guild, he is in your guild?
01/12/16 20:35
Coach qBaLL :

I am a right hand and we definately do not have a Lamanga in our guild, he is in your guild?

Applogies, Lunatics, long day mate!
01/12/16 20:37
And the other games your guild mates are referring to please
01/12/16 20:43
How much MB did Comfy Bob use to beat me???? Referrer to my schedule. I got the strat and him the money.....
01/12/16 20:43
There are several matches, have a look in details yourself. We dont mind you using it, we havent, but dont brag that you dont when some of your guild clearly are, even ones who claim that in their team name.
01/12/16 20:44
I as I said can only talk for myself, I have seen a few "strange" results and I know a few guild members have expressed that they have been MB'd after playing the team that beat then then beat them in a friendly. I have asked my fellow guildies to come and express if they feel they have been MD'd.

I try not to talk on other peoples behalf mate and I hope you can understand that?