Patch 6.0

14/03/17 11:12
Can't see a post yet so thought I might as well kick this off... I certainly got a shock when someone first challenged me, but pleased to see changes being made.

What do you guys all think??
14/03/17 11:20
I think we had better learn a good kicking strategy, and quickly. lol
14/03/17 11:22
Looks a lot more realistic, I'm rather impressed. Of course I need to redisign my strategy...
14/03/17 15:47
All good but cant play training games on ios
14/03/17 16:10
Ok were on 6 now. Love the bouncing ball but i find the sport shop ridiculous. I thought this was rugby not a fancy boots speed booster. Great way to lose interest.

I wonder whats next? Maybe super socks to make you kick 80m penalties for goal.
14/03/17 17:16
RB, thanks for starting this. Moved as appropriate. I cannot understand why the top brass do not post straight into this section whenever a new update is released. .......... and no , I still get no heads up on any of it. In fact I am always behind as using ios
14/03/17 18:59
Having a hard time to play training matches. Using ios just zooms in and part of the screen is cut
14/03/17 22:34
Apparently a bug was introduced...see bugs section for update from support.

Fixed in a few days hopefully, got the message this morning.
15/03/17 17:24
The gameplay changes are realistic and I rather like them. There are still occasions with the bouncing ball when it goes over the try line before bouncing into touch that are not handled correctly, resulting in a lineout on the 5 rather than a scrum back where the ball was kicked from. On the whole though, it is handled correctly and we are seeing a lot more scrums from dead-ball situations. We will all have to pay a bit more attention to scrum stats now

I am not sure the "Sports Shop" is a good addition. Reducing home advantage was certainly a good thing to do but replacing it with "season long" equipment which, in my humble opinion, is just a method of using MB "on the fly", I am not convinced. If you want top ranked teams with maxed out buildings (I am far from it incidentally) to be able to use the spare money from their banks, introduce extra "Cup" games that only the top 100 teams can play in but at a cost with "winner takes all...maybe converted to gold balls or a good player"?

Just my thoughts.
16/03/17 08:21
This upgrade is full of bugs