Most heals sent?

13/10/17 06:58
So going all Black Monks and getting the calculator out the most an individual can receive if they press the button exactly every hour is 1800 in a 15 day window or 1920 in a 16 day window in the longer months. Think there will always be an unbalance between received and send as some are more active and you can go an hour without fully receiving due to the difference in activity levels. So whilst the incentive is there I don't.'t think that the active do not engage in requesting as you must remember you get the benefit and with map game extra it pays to be fully healed straight away. So we just need a few more' swamp donkeys' like adrenalin.
13/10/17 08:38
Adrenalin The Legend :

I've sent 2262.

That's with no social life and living under a bridge with free wi-fi from the coffee shop like a swamp donkey.

Anything over 2000 means you spend ALOT of time on the game.

No life whatsoever
13/10/17 23:53
One of the fallen legends of the game :

Lion in Super ball boys is showing as 2617 on their wall. Anything over 2000 I would say is impressive Bluemooners so congratulations. Fairly easy to see over a 1000 in quality guilds.

Thanks. As previously mentioned that season i literally lived on the game and it was one of them long seasons where it takes around 5 days for the new season to generate. Just out of curiosity which team were/are you?