Honoured that web ellis dedicated their guild to me

07/12/17 13:12
I say i say Ashley no milking for you nice to know I'm that famous, but honestly you didn't need to personally dedicate your guild to me I'm already massively rich on the game and certainly couldn't care if you had of milked me as I nearly have the upgrades the game has to offer, I'm glad you didn't waste your time and should of beat me earlier I don't spend over 50million an item in the sports shop for nothing per season.

07/12/17 14:02
We were going to use you as the milking boy but thought better of it. You really are poor aren't you? We honestly thought you would be some wonder strategist with an average squad like Bacchus or a few of our lads the way you mouth off on the forum, but to no avail. Next time before you mouth off to anyone that will listen, you might want to improve your squad and/or strategy substancially because frankly, your performances were embarrassing.
07/12/17 14:45
Look at my level 25 infrastructure and that itself will tell you I've had some serious game money . That's very rich coming from the biggest whiner on the game who should of been banned a long time ago. The way you mouth off on the forum talking about ya self there blue. Your team is only good because you've bought your way to the top, not because your team actually has fantastic strats. I'd like to see you get to level 51 without purchasing any players o wait you can't you had to spend your way to do it.
07/12/17 14:50
You just couldn't resist having a whinge on the forum and drawing attention to yourself could you? Leave it a couple of hours before beginning the search for your next gvg opponent, that way you can avoid getting pumped by us again. You weren't much of a foe Longthorn, i was expecting so much more. Nothing left to prove here. Thankyou and goodnight
07/12/17 15:17
stop the goading blue you know exactly what your doing you really are one nasty piece of work , If anything you should of given of us some praise for having a reasonable crack on the GC but I guess you don't understand what respect is . We got pumped yes and fair play congrats on your win but tbh we all knew it was over before it had started in rugby terms it was like putting Featherstone rovers against Warrington Wolves I was quite happy getting a pt on a guild with the depth of yours.
07/12/17 16:11
07/12/17 23:21
Isn't it ironic, don't you think a little to ironic, yes I really do think.

If you create a new post section purely to whine about a meanie, isn't it ironic that a. You insult him multiple times and b. Call him the whiner? Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled shenanigans
07/12/17 23:25
I swear hand on heart Black Monks that i'd never even heard of this no-mark or had any interaction with him until a few seasons ago. When all of a sudden i noticed he was ripping into me on the forum at any given opportunity. His guild has been thumped by us in the gvg and he's spat his dummy out
As for the renaming of the guild during the gvg, his lot started it, we finished it.
So to summarise, he starts all of the aggro.
10/12/17 16:36
Ashley Longthorn....stop inviting me and my team mates from my Guild and other teams from other Guilds you have been in please. We all know who you are and what you are like. Also stop playing me and other half-decent teams, you are just embarrassing yourself.
10/12/17 17:27