Krus-ing to victory

05/07/18 18:30
We're looking for two or three new players to join us.
Any division level.
Last season we had 11 players over 1k heals and 2 over 2k
The minimum requirement is 500 heals combined per season
What's app is a must.
Every season we run an Interguild cup based on handicaps, after that we run an inhouse GVG 12 vs 12
Currently 36W 1D 2L 21win streak
The guild is open and free for anyone to join.
05/07/18 19:58
05/07/18 20:08
haha i am terrible at spelling
06/07/18 14:07
Sean bro i'd like to propose an alliance with yours and my guild. We can possibly loan/share players and stuff.
07/07/18 01:09
I'd like to talk further on that. 07500708746
09/07/18 18:44
13/07/18 19:25
17/07/18 22:12
24/08/18 13:09
Hull fc. Sean :

I'd like to talk further on that. 07500708746

K I’ve added you on whatsapp
24/08/18 15:40
ok text me