Odds for this weekend

14/09/18 03:29
I've decided to open a book and since the weekend is approaching and all the fun on here happens on the weekends I'm taking bets on what the primary conversation will be on the forum this weekend. Here are the odds:
3:2. Nothing
1:2 nuh uh, that's what you said, nuh uh, you said that
1:5 this level 54 guy just cheated and used max mb!!
1:10 this other guild cheated and beat us because they weren't better than us they just were.
3:2. Monks is an idiot, the odds are all wrong and you can put a dollar on each of these and come out ahead
1:15. Yeah, but by putting that 3:2 he made it a mathematical inevitability that if bets are distributed evenly he makes money
1:1 oh yeah, well how will he collect anyway?
14/09/18 08:18
5.1 Sport shop prices too high.
1.2 3 man line-out, crap.
1.9 Bring back MB.
11 New update has set me back, I'm now 14th in champ (13th last season)
1.3 Teams play at a high rhythm are cheats.
3.1 Gambling is for mugs.