Patch 2.0

02/10/15 20:14
Why my constructions wont finish since last patch? Another bug?
14/10/15 14:16
so now every two weeks your players get older. There's no way you can keep up with training your players at this rate. Or even train new players, because the market gives you either old players who are almost retired or players whos level is less then halve then you have now. By the time you have trained a 30star player into a 60star player, they will retire And if not have promoted a couple of levels and you need 80star players.

Next to the mutual market there should be a personal market where you can buy players that fit your level.

Also playing your opponent only once in a competition is just stupid! If you want competitions to move faster two games per day!
14/10/15 14:40
yes you right SA Swans this is so stupid in two weeks the players 1 year older,i gain never more players take back from this quality in level 10.
15/10/15 15:58
why are there no opponents on my map to challenge??? How can I increase my fans??

Admins're only focus is on how the game looks like it is tie to make it work properly!

If you ask me ...just implement everything from FC1 and make it look like this game
15/10/15 20:31
Totally agree with SA Swans..
16/10/15 09:51
there are 6 players on the market now ...more then there have been so far this season. the best player is a star60 player age 24, training 50%. He will never get to the level of star 85 before he retires. You guys really need to change this system and create another market ...a junior market by preference in which you can buy players that fitt to the level you are playing at.
16/10/15 09:52
or let us build a junior training centre. the higher that level, the higher the level of junior players you can buy
16/10/15 12:36
it has almost been 24 hours again since I've last seen an opponent on my map

It has been days since I've last seen an admin in this forum ...where are you guys???
16/10/15 12:47
As I explained before, that's what we wanted to make the maximum quality more difficult to reach, because there is really no fun to be all at the exact same level. It removed all the strategy of the training points allocation.
16/10/15 16:11
I wonder why you never tell what you want with the game untill after people complain. When that happens you try to turn the critsism arround and use it as if it is the strategy you had before the new patch. If that's the case, you could tell us that before the complaints. Now it just looks like a political way to answer to complaints. That is probably why it takes so long before an answer is posted. If it was really the plan, you would be able to tell us this when the patch is introduced or within hours of a message in this forum. I dont buy it, but well nothing can be done about that.

I haven't read the other posts you made, but this is still no answer for the fact that my map remains empty. There are at least to level 10 ompetitions, so there are more then 28 teams who can be challenged. Why does it have to take so long for a new opponent to pop up.

I cant raise my fans, I cant raise money, I cant ean training points who are you mention ...crucial for the improvement of your team. And dont talk about strategy, because strategic options are very limited and there is still a lot of randomness in who is winning and who is losing. Although that has improved a little.