Missing players

30/05/16 19:33
Lucky bugger why do they retire so young anyway!
30/05/16 20:42
I bought a player (Henry) for 1209 recruiter points, but i didn't bet on him. And i didn't want him at all. Can you please sort it out
30/05/16 23:57
I lost 2 young players today.
31/05/16 04:23
Well I lost 2 players today..the question is...How to refund that players
31/05/16 04:26
How to come back my lost players I need it
31/05/16 05:38
I just realise it isnt just the defender that has gone missing, i have other 2 attackers who has gone missing too.

Sort it out.. Give me back my 3 players.
31/05/16 10:34
Please everybody, send a ticket to support : http://sublinet.com/support/new_ticket.php?server=34
We can't handle this kind of issue in the forum.
31/05/16 12:11
but how do you know you are missing a player?
31/05/16 12:42
Mine was obvious as he was one of my best ones but one way you could tell was to look at your team from previous games, under 'dom' or 'ext', if they have gone missing they have ? quality and zero stats (see first post by Alan Lim). Of course this only helps if they played so won't help if they're just squad players. And now the previous fixtures have been wiped that info might not be available any more anyway
31/05/16 13:00
has been taken from me my two lvl 116+ midfielder, 25 years and 23 years lvl 106+ defense, must be returned to the players whether or if. if I do not steal more than 25,000 tokens.