03/11/16 15:04
Lol, the delay was only because I was tired! I know for a fact that there are others that have greater knowledge on the game, I was making observations based upon what I was seeing while rewatching the film of a game (and trying to figure out what the in game reactions would be).

To be fair, the previous post was a best guess about why Dave's defense wasn't reacting the way he wanted it to. Some of the rambling was match specific that only makes sense to him as he could review the specific match. I was only trouble shooting that specific defense and what I saw as potential holes, due to positioning or AI.

I am still very much figuring out many of the nuances of this game, and was just posting on the tendencies I have noticed to date.
03/11/16 17:41
Paul, what I see on your D

In the standard set, 2 deep formation - your strong side DE is a little tighter than Dave's set up and your Safety is stacked a bit more over the top of the TE giving the TE assignment to the S and allowing your DE to not drop into coverage. TBH this defense has few flaws (based on the half second I had for a play to develop, lol). The main difference is that your second level exterior players are stacked a bit tighter allowing them to not go auto coverage on the WR.

In the 3 deep formation, your strong side S between the TE and WR seems to auto default to covering the WR, sometimes leaving the TE uncovered. Pinching him toward the center of the field would possibly get you immediate TE coverage, if that is what you are going for.

Your other 2 deep formation, one thing I could not see because the blocking would not allow for anything to develop - your LB over the TE - does he occasionally drop into coverage on that TE or does he leave that for the safety behind him? Also, this may have been a bit of an AI glitch, but there were a few times where your DL in the strong side A gap did not rush, just more kind of stood there. No clue why.

Friendly matches started coming in hot and heavy so I didn't have time to review them all, and if our clubs were more evenly matched I may have been able to share other ideas.

Quick question, is there a function to your interior DL to be stacked slightly off the LoS? In all instances, they seem to rush the same as if they were stacked on the line.
04/11/16 00:11
Well you joined our group, So you are welcome to come in the group and discuss anything you would like, BUT I am not doing it in the forum. If your intent is to be apart of our gild, then by all means come on in the room and let us learn you what we have work months and months to develop..... if your intent is to not be in our guild, then let us know please sir. ! as we area pretty close group for the most part and look forward to students of the game and can break down information as well as you seem to.

There are many questions We can answer and learn well as we are open to new ideas and such...PLEASE let us know
26/11/16 11:09
I would like to see this kind of control for my defense as well. Its the same for either offense or defense; you don't know what the other team has planned. But you can tell your players to hold an edge, or rush straight to the QB, or zone blitz, or any number of things. I would like it to go so far as to be able to give each player options. What I mean by this is you could have gap responsibilities, or head up on a specific lineman, whether they hold their spot (good for run defense), or continue to push up field to disrupt in the backfield. Or drop back into coverage. Which is another thing; I would like to be able to set up man, or zone, or both, and be able to define the area or rules for the DBs to follow. Like a CB would have the responsibility of part of the field, but also lets no one go past him. Or double the WR with safety over the top. You could have a nickel package, dime, goal line, etc. It would be a fairly big change from what we do now but it really can personalize your team and allow you to make players fit certain schemes. I understand you did not want to make it hard on new players but you could also keep the basic formations as you have them now, but also have an advanced screen for the D, just like with the O.
28/11/16 19:46
Clap Clap for the admins top response pierro. You my friend need a noble prize peace award for the worst response ever. Infact I don't think any of you should be developing games, but I would suggest you write a book and title it 100 ways to lose a community they'd be plenty to put in the book, and I think you'd do better personally selling the book cos in your time here Pierro and others what exactly have you developed cos I genuinely am struggling to think?

04/03/17 21:00
PierrotLL :

When you play in defense, you don't know what the opponents will do and you have to adapt to their strategy.
That's why you cannot define in advance the movements of your defensive players.

Just wanna throw the concept of a zone at you, which is kind of what we're looking for.
I've been able to do it in your soccer game, too, so not sure why the code didn't cross over.
05/03/17 16:56
I like it, able to assign a zone defense. And a nice 3-4 package to boot. Yes please!
09/03/17 06:11
Sam Tech Shadowcats :

I like it, able to assign a zone defense. And a nice 3-4 package to boot. Yes please!

We've been over this while you talk to yourself, you already can run a 3-4, just not as a separate package lol

I'm technically in a 4-1-4 right now since two of my guys best suited for LB are actually Ss, will probably revert to 4-3 in a month or so (and am toying with the idea of a 5-2 with a DL that's capable of playing MLB since I get so many good ones).
25/02/19 04:14
I think that you should be able to at least be able to create within the 4-3 setup of the defense and hide the movement of the defense instead of putting in one position and let the offense find the holes in it because good players will see it quickly and let us be a little more creative with in the program set up. you would not have to change any of the players attributes those are just fine
25/02/19 11:58

It's all secret info...lmao
(Not really)
... Z ...