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04/01/17 18:49
Thanks for the advice, I did have 12 saved up but tried the quick training. I guess I'll have to save up more, money is tight and I don't like spending my money on a game. Also do you know the in's and out's of the quality bonus from the strategy building? Is it instant on everything except friendly matches or have anything to do with training and getting players better faster?
04/01/17 19:34
The bonus on the strategy building/s is an instant boost to your players in all matches, including friendlies. It can be seen as permanent "match bonus" in all matches. Eg if you have a 50* player and your strategy building has a 5% rating your player rating on the field will be 52.5 now although it shows 50 on your roster.

It has no effect on training speed, only your training building can influence this.
04/01/17 20:39
If you have the infirmary building, the easier way to train your team is to hit the 3% energy cost training (the recommended one) atleast 6 (haven't do the math so i might be wrong on this one) times a day. Your team won't be affected by the intensive training effect (unless you use some quick training) and you will get as much point as the point you get with 2 intensive training routine per day.
04/01/17 22:47
Sam, what is your team? Would love to invite you to the Coalition. Doesn't matter your level or how great your team is. We help train and teach others. I understand the frustration of starting out and trying to figure things out. We are here to help.

I am Myrtle Beach Raiders. Just play a friendly against me, reply here, and you are more than welcome.

I make all those crazy threads about talking smack, but the true purpose is just to meet others, laugh and have fun. We also at Coalition like to help others. Be happy to have you, and we also enjoy others insight.
05/01/17 02:51
Jason I did notice the Coalition has openings, My team is...Sam Tech. I've been bouncing around guilds as of late. Had many invites too, so I guess I'm not too bad. Just like playing the game and trying to figure all the numbers to be as efficient as possible. I've actually taken some of your advice on certain things, your very wise.
09/01/17 20:19
Togo's Gorilla :

Topic 1 : What stats are important for a Wide Receiver (WR) ?

To wrap up this topic, the stats that are important of any WR are :

Reception Range
Penetration strength

The maxing order of this stats depends on your playstyle, the innate stat level of your player, the tactic you choose to use etc...
I hope this will help lot of us.

Topic 2 will be on how to build an efficient CB and will be coming soon
10/01/17 12:31
10/01/17 12:59
Mark Chapman :


A great defensive stat but not a CB core stat in my opinion
10/01/17 22:17
Togo's Gorilla :

Mark Chapman :


A great defensive stat but not a CB core stat in my opinion

What makes blocking great for defense? Does it actually counter the opponent's blocking like some people believed?

And reception range/tackle/anti-juke/speed/stamina/D accel, not necessarily in that order (depends on your scheme).

Receiving, strength, and hit power are nice, but secondary (a CB dropping a pass is still a pass defense).
10/01/17 22:38
What about hit power as an option?