what's your record GA for a season?

02/06/18 16:04
As title says, just wondering what is the max points differential (GA) people have scored in a championship season
02/06/18 16:15
480 with b team. Easily done though as they havnt got a clue at lower levels. Seen higher, 550+. If I applied myself and turned up to matches I could probs beat that. But I use them mainly as a link to our feeder guild.
Think a team best is around 350 ish
04/06/18 10:45
Through the mid 40's and low 50's I'd get 700 + a season. Think my record was about 740, but that is when I went several seasons without a point being scored against me. More recently it's around 450-550 as things have gotten tougher and MB has become a factor.
04/06/18 12:00
Your record is outstanding sharkies. Do you want a place in our guild?
04/06/18 12:20
Haha, Thanks for the offer, but I'm a loyal Mongrel. Been in the same guild for about 20 seasons and not really looking to change.
Thanks anyway
04/06/18 12:44
International fight club? Had a couple of invites from you last season if memory serves. Can't remember why but a couple of your members ring a bell.
04/06/18 13:08
I invited you a few times because you friendlied me. You may have been testing me for a training game, but with a record like that and looking for another member, I invited. If you change your mind ever then friendly me.
Dw - International Fight Club
04/06/18 13:32
Oh yeah, apologies. Was going through a bit of a slump a while back and went through some of the top guilds working on strategy. Like to test myself against the best.
Thanks again
04/06/18 13:34
No apologies needed. Keep up the good work.
04/06/18 18:00
yeah 740 is most impressive, yet to break the 700 mark yet myself.