Hey PIMPS high and low

26/03/19 22:39
You can just call him Karl, we will know who you're talking about. What's a play request?
26/03/19 22:40
For him it's Sir Karl
26/03/19 22:46
The little wizard is showing his dick envy. Maybe you should get your Mommy to bring you some hot chocolate while you're being a badass on the computer.
26/03/19 22:47
Hey jammin, you already played me and knocked my head off.
Told my bunch, that i am honored that some BIG Pimps kicked my butt.
I am a lill 34 lv with no right to go further. All of you can keep on playin me.
ASU, Jammin, Karl, bandits and some more. LOVIN it !!!!. Scored my first points
today on ASU. can you imagine that i am proud.
26/03/19 22:49
Hey JAson do you have a BIG Dick? Please help me out on that.
Hit me with yout rythem-stick. You know how to find me.
26/03/19 22:51
Not bad considering I'm at 0 morale. lol
26/03/19 22:52
Oh Sir Karl I am sorry for taking the wrong route.
SIR KARL for sure - until i beat one of those bastards
26/03/19 22:54
I can here pete sayin: keep watchin!

And you forget about the "Sir" again... Just a reminder
26/03/19 22:55
Hey Mr. ASU I am so sorry that I didi get you on the wrong side of beeing ready.
I would not like it also if some Wimp scores on me - Bahahah
26/03/19 22:57
Ugh that is sir Karl or Sir Pete?
Like him he is feisty other than Kracken he just backed down