Guilds - not sure what's going on

17/02/16 17:46
Not sure I quite grasp what's going on with guilds.
- Heal kits, I don't use them. Got a strong squad which can be easily rotated, other than speeding up recovery from injuries what's the point?
- Guilds, I only have about 10 heal kits. If I join a guild do I need to buy more to donate to fellow team mates? Not interested in paying for them so wouldn't have many to donate to others.
17/02/16 17:56
Kits are free you and they dont come out of your pocket when you send them?
17/02/16 18:15
Kits are also useful to top up energy after , for example a draining tournament game or league game , to protect against immediate challenge from opposition when your energy is low. I have also totally swung a game by repairing a particularly good player and sending gem back into the same game following injury
17/02/16 19:42
Players train better with higher wnergy