Being challenged in map games

30/12/16 14:29
Good day guys,

Just wanted to check with the current changes regarding map games we are aloud to play 5 games a day and if we win all get 5000 fans.

My question to you is how many times can we be challenged? Should it not be 5 games as well then as currently i have been challenged 8 / 9 times in one day with map games by other teams?

Would this stay like this or would there be a lock on both sides for 5 games home and away?

Kindly clarify this for me

Thanks guys
30/12/16 15:13
I know where you are coming from but the number of challenges isn't too bad at the moment. I get challenged a few times a day. Whether this will go up or down when fan loss comes back remains to be seen. I do think there should be some reward for the defensive team suggested elsewhere, training points for example and winning fans if you win.

The flaw with limiting the amount of times you can be challenged is that it opens the system up to manipulation. A lot of the top players are in the same guilds. What would stop people from deliberately losing games to preserve the position of a guild mate? Say I was number 1 and I had 3 mates in top 10, I could ask them to share 5 games against me between them all losing. That would then leave me being #1 but unable to be challenged. They would still have games left to allow them to progress up the ladder. You would end up with the top 10-20 just being locked out.