New guild matchups

01/09/18 07:35
Black Monks :

Targaryen Dragons :

Goid, you need to give it time to level out, those of us that were successful under the previous matchups will be penalised in the short term as we are against other guilds which were also successful but may have much stronger teams, however in a few weeks the rankings will be more reflective of your true ranking and we should all start to get much better competitive match ups

Perfect statement of our reality. And if you level out at say 60 points (totally throwing a random number out) when you all get to 65 it will feel amazing and then when you hit 70 a month or two later it will feel great. It will be a continuous 'chasing the dragon' looking to be your best self.

Yeah - the trick in the meantime is holding onto the low level players who have no opponent within 25 levels in guild challenges and just have to watch their teams get rolled with no way of doing anything about it.
01/09/18 13:42
point out to them, that at least these good guilds are active and play most of their matches so you will all get plenty of match money and training points, losing a GC only costs a few recruiter coins and some bragging rights
02/09/18 01:43
Except the one that just bet us 7-2 wasn't active, so that spin doesn't work. The best spin I can put on it is - you still get paid if you get thrashed, so go get some money. And it's not getting better. Next opponent - "English Lions" lowest level team is level 54. Our highest is 43(and semi active) then me at 36. It's quite possible we may not get a single point in this one.
12/09/18 22:04
Okay - as predicted the new guild challenge system has killed off our attempt at getting an active guild. Since the system changed we have had only 1 winnable guild challenge(By winnable I mean they only had about 1.5 million higher fan base than us, and we rolled them). In all the other challenges, and we play them back to back, there's been a total of 4 teams that have been a lower level than our highest level guy. Talk dries up and we are down to 2 guys beyond the guild leader and I who will play the GC matches knowing they are just going to get thrashed.