Academy Cymru

18/07/20 03:17
25/07/20 12:26
We're full again now thxs to those who showed interested; and the 1 or 2 that did'nt get in this time I'll remember who you are and if something comes up in the future I'll look at those teams 1st
25/07/20 19:57
Well done on recruiting taffy, you have a very strong guild

25/07/20 21:52
Thxs Ben appreciated coming from a player like yourself; yes we're getting there got a great mix of teams even invited you once or twice lol but we're well happy with where we are in the top 20 & now and again getting in the top 10. And one day we start beating great guilds like yourself but we're still building even my 3 teams. Say hi to Taffy & Ystrad for us and tell Taffy I nearly had him in the gc lol

25/07/20 22:15
You are doing it the best way building teams up rather than switching teams in and out for higher levels, we always enjoy our challenges with your guild as for the invites its an honour

I will pass on your message

Thanks for the compliments on the guild we are doing similar in building as a group

26/07/20 15:06
Yes totally agree all we need is another 1 or 2 at the top then we deff deserve a top 10 spot. Also thxs for another great GC Ballbags enjoying all the money lol especially the highest score I've ever seen 98 - 0 and the fastest ever try 3 minute's

All the best Ian
26/07/20 16:04
Always enjoy our challenges but I didnt get any matches lol we had to make someone cash cow and try to switch them up for each time we meet so maybe you'll be cc next time

26/07/20 16:21
yes ok mate i'll put it to the guild now and let u know? it won't be any of my teams as I'm using the stadium as a bank lol but can't see a prob with it but will get back to you

29/06/21 22:26
We're looking for 3 teams guys? As usual must be active with heals and play gc games when selected! The reason for 2 of the vacancy is 1 I kicked a team for not playing gc games when we got tougher opposition but he was online at the time? You never win if you don't try! And 2nd had to get rid of 1 of my 3 teams; recently I started work again and getting less time online most days so I've sent it in to the wilderness lol. So like I said above if your active and it don't matter what level you are just play me and I'll send you an invite! First come gets the places