Jamison, "jamninng giants" Whatever, you called my daughter a cunt?:

13/07/17 12:21
She is serouluys pissed off. I am too. I dont do "
internet speak: or whatever you call it to look tough"
But she was right about one thing, and i dio learn fron her,
Din't care about th interntet trolls.
But, you call my daughter a c unt agin, I m packing keyboards,
Grow up.
13/07/17 19:42
Um if you go back on the live chat and check, (which I did) I never called anyone a c unt. I was just drunken trash talking after I saw Coalitions post on here about being the best. I also will never grow up, I just grow old. Most of the things I said last night on live chat was towards James anyways. Him and I are good friends so we mess with each other. I'm back to my nice guy self now so I will apologize for calling her a troll, that I did say.
13/07/17 21:41
Might want to get the facts straight before you start spewing venom. You and your daughter are pissed at the wrong guy.
14/07/17 04:10
HA! Jamison. idiot Don and however his family is have threateaned me. The "Hamptontons" all over a game. I don't do that, but when my baby girl is upset, I attack back. I do not like getting phone calls like that.
14/07/17 21:28
Welcome to the Don hates crew lol. I was the first one his family was hoping to have a bullet in the head. Accused me of being a cheater and Asian bot. Wouldn't know how to cheat if I wanted to. And I'm not Asian lol. I seem to be accused of a lot of things I didn't do. It would be nice if you changed the title of this thread lmao. Everyone already hates me.
14/07/17 22:38
Maybe something like " Jammin Giants is a cool guy and DIDN'T call my daughter a c unt"..... That sound about right lol
14/07/17 22:42
I never understood the power of that word anyways. It's just a word like box, or waffle. It's only a big deal if you make it a big deal. One of my favorite quotes from the movie From Dusk Til Dawn. I've been called way worse, like Asian lmao
17/07/17 00:28
i know both of you ,, i know its been a while since either one of you have heard or seen me ,, Paw Paw Hill ,,, but this is the stupid stuff that have drove me from wanting to play ,, ,, im not pointing fingers and im not taking sides or any of that ,, just the constant drama is what i got sick of ,,, anyway ,,you two boys play nice ,, just wanted say hey to the both of you
19/07/17 00:24
The issue has been resolved Dominic. And it was good to see you back, if only for a second. =)
14/08/17 12:18
drink beer!