Lost Training Points?

15/01/19 03:13
One of my secondary teams seems to have had players lose training points with the start of the new season. A few seasons ago someone in the guild said the same thing, I kinda thought he didn't know what he was talking about. But it seems to have happened to me. Lost maybe 20 points per category, hard to exactly tell. Any thoughts on this?
15/01/19 03:43
Hmm not specifically. But something similar. Someone in my little guild experienced something similar but it was actually a few points upgrade for each category. Player didn't purchase anything didn't advance an extra season but when he went in to apply point for the new season plenty were above maxxed. Can't say nitro always has this thing nailed. Love the game non the less. Keep posted with an update, I'm assuming u sent a ticket?

Killer clouds
15/01/19 03:45
One of my nine teams had the same thing happen.... sent a ticket in also.
15/01/19 07:44
Yesterday I thought something similar with my secondary team... But I'm not really sure. A few players lost their training points I earned during the last season. It's hard to tell so I stay away from writing a ticket. I will keep an eye on that this season.
15/01/19 16:00
It happened to me too. On both accounts. I was saving up. WTF.
16/01/19 01:56
I'm just playing.... I only have 7 teams

Or do I? Muahahahahaa
16/01/19 13:08
The same thing happened to my 3rd team. Yes, I only have 3 teams. Hell, it's hard enough to keep up with 2. lol Jammin! My third team is just a filler so it wasn't such a big deal but I did send a ticket just because.

I hope they get it straightened out for all of us.
17/01/19 20:27
so like stacking training coins you lost or you lost applied points? I guess I am trying to figure out if I had the issue or not. didn't notice it.. maybe I have to look closer at my alt later.
18/01/19 23:00
points already assigned are taken away...happened to me and I also had 2 offensive players on defense...i have no idea how that happened b/c i thought that was only possible if you played on a device with touchscreen....i have never before been able to put players on the opposite side of the ball