Top 10 Players

02/03/16 17:50
There much talk of being the best guild etc. But who are the best players. wouldn't it be good to have a seasonal guild champion championship? A few names id throw in the ring are Cayden, Dropkicks, Rosco, ABS, Poo Poo Pirates, Rhino, Lomu xv, just to name a few and apologies if ive missed any obvious ones.
02/03/16 18:49
Thanks.. There are some good French players you missed of the list, sporting bilito is the obvious one for me , bologone is also devent
02/03/16 20:04
Shall we try and put a top 10 list together and maybe those who make the 10 play in a friendly tournament. Have the league table on here.
02/03/16 20:06
And yes i agree those two are very good , ive have played them. Was going to post that there are a lot of good players whos names id forgotten.
02/03/16 21:12
Lol good luck on getting people to agree who the top ten best are

And then communicating with the French players lol
02/03/16 21:20
There isn't really a question on who is the best its cayden 2nd might be more of a competition
02/03/16 21:55
Ok so if we all think Cayden is the top player, lets go for 2nd and 3rd