Caernarfrom Rfc

17/07/16 17:57
This game sucks. My 12 and 13 run away, and won't tackle. Does not make for a fair game. Are you noticing this?
17/07/16 18:26
If it is happening to just you, you have your strats wrong. If it is happening to everyone, by definition it is fair...
17/07/16 18:34
There is a work around
95% of the time lol
17/07/16 18:56
Others in my guild have same thing. I have moved stats, thats not the problem
17/07/16 18:57
The powers that be have ackowledged a problem and are yet to fix this.
17/07/16 22:12
Same here, number 12 never tackles even with top tackle stats
18/07/16 09:02
It's a definite bug, but there are some workarounds. As said, doesn't fix but helps
19/07/16 11:06
What are the work arounds?