Bonus Sublinet fan bus

22/09/16 08:33
It would be great to have a random Fan bus driving around in the city once a day and if you click on it it will credit you with a random prize


Very rare:a random player(close to your level championship),one year deduction bonus(so player is retiring we could save him for one more season),10 gold balls,10 training points

Rare:a random player medium to low quality,money one million (depending on player level)'20 heal kits,100 fans,2 gold balls,5 training points

Epic: 500 000 money,10 heal kits,1 gold ball,2 training points

Normal: 100 000 money,5 heal kits,1 training point

Common/Weak:10 000 money,2 heal kits

And so we go one just an idea and add some new feature like year reduction just putting it out there
22/09/16 12:22
Sounds great . Would be fun and keep more people active