Why has the thread for Match Fixing been removed?

17/12/17 18:53
Are we not allowed to talk about it on here?

Are we being silenced deliberately?

Don’t see what the issue is.

This is 3rd half time, we can talk about anything surely??
17/12/17 18:58
There is a difference between ‘moderating’ and ‘censoring’
17/12/17 18:58
Stop removing threads it is covering up cheating. Come on and debate instead of deleting.
17/12/17 19:03
Correct - it should be encouraged- not deleted
17/12/17 19:03
It’s called raisin awareness
17/12/17 19:03
It’s called raising awareness
17/12/17 19:04
How petty and pathetic. If this was caused by me suggesting people reviewed the Vmax / Turbo Tractors game this morning I apologise. Would it not have been better though to delete that game and give both zero points?
17/12/17 19:16
This issue of match fixing has just recently attracted my attention as this is my first season within the top flight, which is where this seems to be concentrated. I have witnessed the games involved and it’s blatant cheating. I play an honest game with no cheating or funny business, but it seems there is something very untoward involving certain teams. This also seems a touchy subject that is somewhat taboo, as the threads are continuously being removed....why would the threads be removed??? I have a feeling that this will continue to be overlooked, but the point needs to be raised.
17/12/17 19:19
Some common sense at last - thanks for your support on this issue.

Glad it’s not just me who has an issue with it
17/12/17 20:19
has the thread been removed because a called half of them idiots? If so I retract and say half of them aren't idiots.....