Build a Clubhouse

31/05/18 09:52
I expect somebody has suggested this before but couldn't find it when searching key words. Why don't we have a Clubhouse building. It can be designed on the same principles as the other buildings. It will generate income as the Clubhouse gets bigger etc. I would suggest the Clubhouse is available once the ground has grown to say level 15 for example.
Just an idea.
31/05/18 12:10
Pub is the keyword you are looking to search I believe
31/05/18 12:47
Thanks BM but in the UK they are Clubhouses. When I played abroad we were sponsored by Pubs and used them because the teams didn't have individual Clubhouses.. The vast majority of UK Clubs have their own grounds and a Clubhouse.
As I said before I expect someone had already suggested the idea anyway.
31/05/18 14:35
I get all that and we here in he US have clubhouses as well, often also sponsored by a pub or distributor or brewery, but I believe the search term you are looking for is 'pub' if you want to find the topic you said you were looking for.