Map Games

27/10/16 03:38
I think you need to fix this asap. My map is full of players in my own guild. Why would I want to take fans from my own team makes no sense at all.

Thank you
28/10/16 00:25
Come on your not even going to reply to this what the hell. I work my ass off in this game to be the best and to make our guild the best and you want me to take fans from my own team mates nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!. So get them off my map so I can increase my fans or give me my money back.
28/10/16 05:38
I agree... When given the opportunity, you get the message they can't find a replacement. Add people from a level or two below if necessary until the voids fill up.
30/10/16 17:44
Well let me please add to this thread.... I am the first and only player in the game to reach 140,000 fans....with 3 Strategy building, and stadium maxed out, BUT some body with 78,000 fans has me on his map games and can use his slider to get lucky and beat me and take 1000 fans from me, but I can not play him and take them back...

I think that is 3 things that need to change.... 1)EITHER take me off their map if they are not on mine, 2) STOP putting guild members against each other on the map taking fans from each other and 3) If your going to allow #1 to happen, then put them on my map so I can take my fans back... OUR I want my money back for a game that seems to not allow fairness in how its played.

I am Pissed that this AZZ HAT can use an unfair advantage to beat MY MAXED OUT team with 3 Strategy Buildings and Maxed Stadium and I have no way to get them back from him.... THE slider needs to be removed from the game ..... and the map games need to be against teams from other guilds and against equal teams...IF I am on their Map, They need to be on my map ! AND I WANT IT FIXED ASAP.... I AM PISSED ..Cheating little *******************
30/10/16 17:45
Oh they are good at not replying Dave Weeks on here or by email.... !!!
31/10/16 17:52
just press the replace option simple solution
31/10/16 18:22
Ashley Longthorn :

just press the replace option simple solution

you are not always given that option
02/11/16 05:35
Okay I am assuming that no response to this mean you are thinking about how to give my money back to me. Well let me help you I will go to the bank tomorrow and tell them you stole it from me or some one use my card that I didn't know about. I can play the game also I can't believe that you can't get other people on my map. Damn this game needs help.
02/11/16 10:47
Unfortunately it's complicated to achieve as teams can change guild.
You can replace these teams from the map after 24h.
02/11/16 14:43
The Problem as I stated before is i would love to replace them but I get an error that say that there is no one to replace with. This is what I don't understand I do know how to play the game just need you to fix the game!!!!!!!!!!!