run the routes you design?

10/01/17 12:41
Jason Riley :

Hey Togo, love your thought on this, but just to let you know, I tested it. I have an OL that is also maxed asa qb. Moved him to Center. Unfortunately, it made no difference.

I do freaking lover the original thinking though.

Thanks for the reply Mr. RILEY. That's unfortunate. Maybe try to max pass on a C and put him on the spot for the first passer. I insist on the C because i feel like there are some hidden stat linked to player position.
10/01/17 12:48

one of my passing set up
18/01/17 15:52
something that does help on that qb issue is max c passing i no it sounds silly but game considers hikeing ball a pass it puts qb in right possesion most the time so the delay doesnt get you sacked
also sorry on this being slow to get posted lol
18/01/17 17:36
I'm putting my two cents in. One thing I believe is obvious but make sure QB receiving and receiving range is high enough too. The center has sooo many things to do as a player. Snap the ball accurately and then has to Block as well. The center must have speed to then move around and not get plowed over. If the dynamic relationship between QB and Center isn't tight, offense falls apart. So Center needs high passing, blocking, speed, stamina, toughness, etc. While QB needs receiving, passing, speed, stamina, toughness, etc.