Kickoffs are jacked up

25/01/17 01:53
shoot i just checked email it says "had to evert all modifications due to problem on hew server " so my next question do i get back the 300+heals i have used trying to keep a team going lol
25/01/17 12:44
Thanks Mark, I'll check it out as soon as I get a gap.
25/01/17 18:38
The reasons for injuries include the following:
Low energy at start of the game
Low toughness stat (under the strength tab)
High Rhythm
Opponent strength higher than your toughness
Fatigue during game

That being said I have gone through Sandmans games from 19/01 and found the following:
Game vs Crusaders - one injury - Player toughness at 68 and high rhythm on the play
Game vs Steel City - One injury - Player toughness at 27
Game vs Warpigs - One injury (this one seems a bit unlucky but it does happen that your fatigue might be just too much) toughness at 81

These are pretty much reasonable injuries based on circumstances
25/01/17 18:44
Mark regarding your five injuries sustained since 19/01, you have clearly made a big change to your rhythm or match bonus looking at the game vs Bergies on 19/01 compared to the games after that, this will cause even maxed players getting injured.

That said, out of the five injuries I saw only one player has max toughness and one in the high nineties. The rest are between 55 and 70.

Again, all injuries seem pretty reasonable with the parsmeters set in your strategy and player injuries.
26/01/17 02:31
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