Guild pairings

12/01/17 13:48
Current challenge I'm in... it's all plus minus... we are 30th in world... based on fans numbers... opponent is 198th...
Then if we look at individual ranks... we average 2421... and they average 12160......
So maybe a lot has changed since the challenge was initiated... but that's far apart...
12/01/17 14:44
I got the response and will copy and paste my question and their response later. They were very clear it is based on total fans of guild only and that there is a 20% variance while using the fans. Individual ranking was not mentioned in their response at all despite a clear question about it so it appears that the pairings remain unchanged and purely based on guild fan ranking ±20%
12/01/17 15:51
Cool. Will check next challenge... we lead 22-6 so maybe they have just lost a lot of fans since the challenge initiated...
12/01/17 16:08
20% is a significant difference when you really think about it. Avg of 140k can be matched with avg of 112k-168k. Huge range.

From me "there is a debate about what is used for pairing gvg opponents. Is it based on guild fan rankings or individual rankings of the guild members?"

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It's based on guild fan rankings. The guild must have less than 20% difference

The Rugby Manager 2 support team
12/01/17 20:16
Cool newest challenge works out how u say... within 20% fans total different far because it's 25 vs 20... but average vs average works out thanks
12/01/17 20:18
About 12% this challenge
12/01/17 21:20
We've got a complete mismatch in our guild challenge 164k average vs 108k average, their 20% and my 20% are completely different things
12/01/17 22:08
Guild total not individual.

As I understand it
12/01/17 22:10
Just checking but did you average by number of members and not 25. In my challenge, our average is by 25 and their average is by 20...
12/01/17 22:14
Let me give actual numbers to show you...
My guild has 25 members and 3707190 fans at the time the challenge was decided...
They have 20 members and 2641320 fans...

The difference in total fans is about 40%.... but the difference in average fans is just 12%