Rugga Docs ganging up on me?

13/01/18 22:57
They stopped that a while ago. I think the last one they did that to was you a year ago. And once you've shown a pattern they don't warn. If I were to call you a female reproductive organ they would know I knew it was bannable and would thus just ban instead of warning. Nobody knows he pushed too far so they don't need to warn. Once again, assuming positive intent from my end.
14/01/18 17:06
Bluemooners :

Yes, i'm sure we won't be hearing from DHSFP or Dragon Blade for a long time given their foul mouthed tirade. Anything else would be bias towards me from the mods surely? I am massively offended and request that these two teams get lengthy bans. I would also request confirmation of this from the mods and/or admin. Amazing how i've never once sworn or name called anyone yet i've been banned countless times for calling a spade a spade and naming the cheats that spoil the game for others.

I had no gripe with you until you falsely accused me of something I was not doing. This was meant as a good humoured post all along and you and possibly BM also misunderstood that.

I have not used any foul language in any of my posts towards anyone and never shall (insinuated perhaps and for that I apologise). You however did say "DHS sofa's or whatever the fuk you are called" and have since edited that statement in your post so thank you for that. I actually found that quite funny and was tempted to change my team name correspondingly.

I am totally on your side as far as "Match Fixing" is concerned and would also like to see Match Bonus (read Match Breaker) and the Sports Shop (Bonus on the fly) removed completely.

Let's start with a clean slate please?
15/01/18 10:12
Noted. First of all please lets not lie to suit our own agendas. I didn't swear and never have sworn on a post. However yes, i did edit the post from DHS sofas. I know the mods watch me like a hawk and are just itching to ban me for writing what other members regulary get away with, so i would never swear or put asterixis in its place. Please confirm your team name and confirm what my allegations were, then i'll reply with if they were correct or not....
15/01/18 13:50
Bluemooners :

I think this is the most arrogant, obnoxious thread i've ever read.

Bluemooners :

It wasn't meant as fun. You were attempting to boast about how brilliant you think you are. Show some humlity.

These were the accusations. My original post was intended as good natured banter with the guys at the Rugga "Docs" for whom I have a lot of respect having played a few GCs against both their Guilds. We had good banter with both of them through changing our Guild names during the GCs.

As for humility, I am going to be lucky if I can stay in the top 100 on the map this season but will have a go. Finding a good "offline" strategy that is effective against all teams as I am sure you know is very difficult.

DHSFP - World Elite Squad {WES}
15/01/18 16:25
Nice friendly there Bluemooners and too good for me.
15/01/18 16:25
If it was banter, i retract my statement and apologise. If it was arrogance, i stand by it. Only you know the truth to that one. Having just played you in a friendly your strat seems solid enough to me. An offline defence ratio of 1:4 is probably good going, so if you're in that ball park i'd stick with it.
15/01/18 16:33
haha...2nd game you well and truly kicked my backside. Need to change my defence spacings if I play you again but thanks for the games.

Anything I said that upset you, I also retract.....damn good team you have there
15/01/18 16:42
Good to know, i'll change my attack spacings then
15/01/18 16:47
Maybe I'll keep my defence spacings then......or not
15/01/18 16:55