Pre-arranged matches

08/02/18 00:15
Ashley Longthorn :

unbelievable I'm sorry I have little words to say for this post people openly admitting to fixing matches . everything wrong In the game is right here for the whole forum to see and yet nothing nothing is done shambles it is , If it was my game and I knew someone was doing that they'd be banned from the game like I hear people get a ban for expressing an opinon yet people don't get banned for fixing someone explain that to me cos I don't get it maybe i'm missing summat just disgraceful it's not only how big you can MB and how much sports gear you can use it's now about who likes who and who can arrange what to stop others from being promoted what a disgrace I hope you still get promoted bluemoaners disgusting players should be banished from the game and made to restart at level 1 make a proper example of them with all players reset at 7 rated.

As far as I can work out about two thirds of the players who match fix don't need to - they are good anyway. So why do it? To help your own, as they claim? I think not. To disadvantage others? I guess yes. The funny legal bit here is in app purchases. If the developers are happy to take real money (which they rightly are), then in EU at least it comes with a legal duty for customer care which they ignore?

How quickly would they respond if there was a outbreak of people posting hacks (and we all know they exist) which meant they lost money?

Over to you, Sweet Nitro.
08/02/18 00:15
can only win through cheating to glory lmao how poor you must be
08/02/18 08:00
Tetelistý :

I have Bluemooners in my champ match soon.. Think we can arrange a draw there?

09/02/18 19:33
Can anyone point me to a copy of the rules where it says I shall not use my knowledge of the game and ability to play it to engineer a particular score with another player? Surely in order to be a cheat you actually have to be breaking the rules..
It's like the difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion.. Tax evasion is illegal and you deserve everything you get, tax avoidance is not and anyone who moans about it is probably just jealous that they're not able to do it too..
09/02/18 23:22
Ben Harris :

Now now lads please dont arrange anything other than RP LOANS as this is the only form of cheating accepted by mr mooners... his little informers will tell on you and youll have a ticket raised.. nob for a nose or nose to far up mooners arse ? Get a grip its a game

Still bitter about not getting that win Ben We were 21 from 21 you absolute cretin. You really don't know how gvgs work do you? You can't be this simple. Let it go man.
09/02/18 23:31
SeekNDstroy○○ :

Oooooh, interesring. I am up against a webb ellis chap.

Wonder if he would draw, haha...
Mr Freibeuter Wismar

How did you get on against that Webb Ellis chap?
10/02/18 01:40
10/02/18 11:03
Yeah you can match fix your way to top 9, that would be the real achievement, then unintentionally lose the genuine matches because your strat sucks Is one person allowed to have numerous accounts on the forum, moderators? I'm assuming not otherwise banning one account is a waste of time, they'll simply use the other.
10/02/18 12:02
Only a gamer would be so obsessive about the forum to have multiple accounts just in case one was banned.
10/02/18 16:54
Askuus claims to be SeekNdestroy who also has a forum account. Is it true? Probably not because he lies non stop about everything. But something for the mods to maybe look into.