11/07/19 01:53
We might have to go to 12 LOL I fully agree with the first 6 you listed. As I keep thinking about this, I think I also have to take in consideration for who are still here and fully active. That's where my mate Zeke comes in. Another old soul that continually battles for the top spot. Of course Pitt too. And to show I'm somewhat unbiased, I also would vote for Greybeard (Griff) and Ice #24 (Rockhounds) Both are very good to this day and have been around forever.

I like this idea and will help see it through. Maybe someday someone will nominate me so we can all have a good laugh! LOL
12/07/19 02:47
I was thinking about rockhounds too I know he was one of the ones I battling for top spot .. who was the other guy that was from the same guild .. that guy was a beaat too .. . I wanna see how much interest we can get .. if we get enough people to voice their opinion I would like to go to the creators to make a special HOF thing that people can look ... I'm thinking the same area where you see who the top players and what you did in tournaments and league results .. really wish more old heads were around .. that way we can put the players name with the guild the uh were most notably affiliated wi th.. or give that person a choice.. there night be 12 that are deserving right this second.. I just dont want it to become like the rock n roll hall of fame where all you have to do is have one notable song in any genre you get enshrined .. but let's see how this plays out .. im m willing for any suggestions on who how many what we can do ... worse comes to worse ... wait that's ot forget giving it th o the creators to make a special area within the game. I'll just make a Facebook page and just direct everybody to go there from here ... but first things first i/ we need more people to give their input .. and thanks for whatever help you can give me .. .... maybe this HOF idea is the one thing that all guilds and players agree needs to happen
17/07/19 03:53
21/07/19 00:59
Its nice to be mentioned on this list and Pitt and I had some battles as well as half the Dynasty team and then Pimps. But like the NFL, for a trophy like the Lombardy trophy it would have to be the McNasty trophy he held it for a longer length of time with out losing it than any one has. He was my goal starting out to beat him and it took 2 years to even come close. there have been a lot of great players come through for a bunch of us old guys playing a kids game. Thank you for the mentioning. by the way what happen to the one big tourney that all levels competed in ?
21/07/19 01:49
I think we have enough teams in discord alone to have a pretty large tourney. I will bring this up there at a later point.

I never played Aggie but he has my respect for what he built (and others continued)... that's why he had one of my HOF votes. I'll agree that would be a nice tribute. I will leave it to someone who knows him to second that idea or continue the discussion, but personally, I kinda like the idea.