12/09/16 08:45
It is really hard to understand . why management of this game is not still providing Indian nation tri-colours. there are more than hundred Indian guys playing this game, and a sign 'in' is representing them . we have our presence in top 5 guilds . see rebels for eg.

pls provide our flag .
thx .
20/09/16 22:45
cucncict doria aghila chapati haramibala khatiya nag .
28/09/16 10:13
+1 for the request
15/10/16 21:51
thanks playdoom
15/10/16 21:52
thank you game management .
now we have our tricolour . thanks a lot .
12/11/16 16:32
why you accept their request and there is still no flag from Madagascar ??? everyone should be treated the same in this game
12/11/16 16:35
where is the justice in this game?
15/11/16 12:48
still no flag from MADAGASCAR??