a bug called Stress of the game (how come game for fun and joy become for stress and sadness )

07/10/16 16:14
I hope that game makers read this we should love the game but you are pushing us to hate the game
how you think we feel when we loose bouns and draw or lose we should lose bouns only if we win
how do think we feel when we lose fans every day and make others lose their fansfind another way to gain fans
country flag for EGYPT and Indea and others not available
MARKING RANGE how you mix the effect of many things in one slide bar
why you don't feel bought players killing fair play (make champion for bought players only
how can you think we will like dogs sound all the day ????
ROUTINE is killing the game (the game is dying while you gain money
when you are going to change every thing shape and look (same look for long time
PLAYERS shape (look) when you you think in changeing players shape in matches the same red and yellow points kicking the same ball
when you will put Guild vGuild result in main screen
why you don't put message system for us to send it for you or who care about the game
how I know that you read this to think in other things and send to you
07/10/16 19:02
very heard to read, but some points make a lot of sense...

1. Flags for countries - Yes we need. I need the Indian flag.
2. New features very much needed..... Maybe youth club? Relegation?
3. Dont associate championship level to max attribute value... need something else - dont know what
4. Guild level should not be based on fans
5. Need a way to trade players within the guild
6. Guild bank - a portion of the winnings (10%?) goes to the guild bank
7. Use the money in the guild bank to buy guild bonuses ... say being in a guild gives you +10% attack or 10% defensive or 10% physical
8. Allow guilds to capture and defend stadiums (which give more bonuses?)
20/12/16 16:04
I couldn't agree more with this and that new patch I really hate it so much I'm thinking of leaving the game I considered it before the patch but now I'm almost certain gunna play 2 or 3 more guild challenges with the lads but after that my work is done here. I've also turned off the dog sounds.