Bidding time resets

08/09/15 08:45
Is there a guide as to when bid time resets. I understand it needs to reset to prevent players outbidding on the last second but within what timeframe remaining does this occur...say 1 minute or 2 or what? Like if i outbid someone and there is 6 minutes remaining, the time will continue but if i do it with few seconds it restarts at 5 minutes, is there a cut off for this basically so that i can outbid someone without the time to be resetting?
08/09/15 10:52
When someone overbids, the timer of the auction is set to 5 minutes if it was lower.
08/09/15 12:12
Can you please explain more as i am not sure what you mean?
08/09/15 13:51
Everytime the highest bidder changes in the 5 last minutes, the timer is set to 5 minutes, to avoid bidding at the last second as you said.
If the timer is 4:30 and you bid, it will restart from 5:00
09/09/15 10:57
Only bid on player's with more than five mins and set your maximum bid at what you can afford.then if anyone bids against you but doesn't exceed your maximum bid the timer doesn't reset to 5mins.
09/09/15 12:00
Ok thanks! Great advise, i have caught onto that tho, but now ppl who reads this can benefit as well...i just wont reveal what time i have come to see as a slight advantage in time zones
09/09/15 16:05
Should be 5 min for 1 offer, 3 min to 2 and 1 min to the other offers, not 5 min to all offers, would be more practical as it has many players playing, it is impossible to buy players.