New buildings?

20/05/16 12:05

With everyone making so much cash with max stadium and ticket office, the cash needs to be spent somehow and most guys are using Match Bonnus for that which in itself is REALLY irritating because it does not give a true reflection of the game.

Why don't you introduce a few new buildings as well? Something like a training academy that trains young players from age 18.

Perhaps a scouting building, that will scout for players. You identify the stats that you require, age, training%, recovery etc. and as soon as such a player appears on AH it notifies you. (or perhaps even start bidding up until your max bid you set)

Specialist banker building- when you have excess cash you can lend that money to other players at a certain interest rate repayable in a few days.

to name but a few...
20/05/16 12:16
20/05/16 13:59
I second that
20/05/16 23:10
ANYTHING to spend the cash on that isn't MB!!
23/05/16 12:53
Great idea
28/05/16 15:47
05/06/16 19:01
Specialised Banker (not with a z)- change cash to gold balls and back, initial ratio at building level 1 might be truly horrible but by 20 something worth while.
Acadamy- train and pay 4 players in each year group from 16 to 18, allowed to sell 1 keep 1 and reject 2. multiple buildings possible the higher the level of building the better the star level at 18 or ability to focus on giving a youth player good recovery/training speed
Guild House - additional option of offering players to be sold to members of the same guild first, possibly as free transfers
Scouting building - recommend a number of players that fit the team requirements higher the building level the more filters that can be used ie, star level, age, recovery/training speed, toughness etc. multiple buildings of this type offer better scouting options.
specialised tactics - after playing a team a review can be triggered which takes x hours (improves with level) that offers better tactics.
07/06/16 14:00
Agree as well. I think some buildings need to go beyond level 20, eg, training ground. It is getting harder to buy younger players and training to max attributes as you get to the top league levels. The max attribute is 135 but if you buy 80* players they are retiring by the time you get them near max.

Certain buildings such as stadium, training ground, hospital and auction house could go up to level 25. I was disappointed to see the recent update left everything at level 20.
10/06/16 22:06
How about a car park facility, great having supporters but where do they Park. Can start as a grass section all the way up too a multi story car park
13/06/16 01:56
Academy has been suggested a lot - I agree!
I like the bank idea regarding gold balls, you could have it where as someone said you convert gold balls into cash or cash into gold balls, however the exchange rate could always be pretty rubbish so that the developers can still push for their real cash for gold balls drive.....

I dunno, maybe 1 million for 1 gold ball, or something like that...