Bluebloods - It's been refreshing and a pleasure

03/08/16 21:36
To all the members of the Bluebloods guild.
Can I just say from all in international lions that it's been a pleasure playing you in this guild challenge. It's great to have a guild challenge without either using match bonus. We take our hats off to you and will remember this when any lions team is in a league alongside another of yours.

Regards, Mike (Fishguard & Goodwick seagulls)
18/09/16 19:19
Well done lads
18/09/16 20:39
Sadly you guys are still a little far ahead of us league wise, but know that one day I'm looking forward to the non MB challenge with you guys. I genuinely think our guild is P4P top 10, and I'd back most of our guild against anyone within 1 or 2 leagues either way

Keep an eye out for us, I've heard you're up there amongst the best so I'm climbing desperately to try and get close enough to test out my theory