Rugby Manager Banter Page

08/01/17 22:12
Carshalton Colts :

Black Monks :

I'm in agreement with you. I said they are identical except they are completely different.

Sounds like something the wife would say!

Your wife is apparently more rational than mine, lol
09/01/17 12:00
Carshalton Colts :

Bulldøg :

Join it on Facebook! It's pretty good entertainment

Yep, have a look. You can slag off the mods, admin and devs until your heart is content. You can also read a catalogue of inaccuracies and misinformation if that is what floats your boat.

Okay bud you win Some of the things are a bit uncalled for and I retract my original view of things.
09/01/17 14:12
Their original memes were a little funny, but now they are trying to troll but the fine art escapes them and thus it becomes childish and unfunny. But at least they try and their true colors show