Unfair reimbursing if gold coins

21/09/17 19:05
As stated to sweetnitro theres always rps being transferred... recently 1 team transferred 1 millions rps for a terrible player.. i will not name people as i think if you have friends willing to help out within the game whether its rps or strats then carry on... jager you do inject your team with mb and then complain when you lose... evidence is your game vs stryders recently your bank balance was 19 million short after the match you moaned for a few hours that you lost ... please your ethics are not correct and your only gripe here is that you was offered nothing
21/09/17 19:14
I agree that RP transfers are part of the game, good or bad, but don't you think that having 1.25 Billion rp to transfer due to an error can influence all other players in extremely negative ways? And just to be clear so nobody misreads, I'm just saying it is a justified concern but I'm not saying ospreys or anyone else is a bad person etc. I would likely have used the gold balls and risked the penalty, I just would have known the risk. So I'm not saying a word bad about anyone, but it was bad for everyone in champ 50 that didn't get RP transferred to them or sell a purchased player for RP.
21/09/17 19:38
BOYS...IF AOC were this good before the balls were transferred then this thread is irrelevant. I've just accepted their the best by a country mile. However it's a shame they are now seemingly invincible. No disrespect at all from us as one of their members joined our guild offering to help us - again thank u v much for the offer. Jager I have no beef with u buddie but reporting on yr old/present team mates is always bad. I thought there is a universal code of what goes on in the 'changing room' chat on this fantasy app should stay there... even if it ends badly. Again - nothing against you... just move on this is just a game :-))
21/09/17 19:52
Look at us dragon, we are in agreement! Cheers
21/09/17 20:07
Wow... less than 10 minutes and this guy responds....from our experience this 'person' is best being completely ignored.
21/09/17 20:14
Wait, I say something good and you get upset. I think you need to listen to phalanx mate. I will ignore you now, was trying to find common ground.
21/09/17 21:39
If you want to follow the economics theme then it is no different to quantatitive easing where Sweet Nitro is the central bank printing money. Over time in theory it percolates throughout the game if converted into RPs as the AOC player buys more players for more money of other game players who then have more to spend. Only problem is when the tap stops. We can only essentially leave it to Sweet Nitro to police.
21/09/17 22:32
Anyway. The thread has totally gone of the point. For some the solution is to attack others in which ever way to get their point accros. Sadly the situation is what it is. I don't rate some anymore because of this.