Confession continued...

03/10/17 22:29
One of the fallen legends of the game :

Harsh as well for one given the welcome back he had after getting lost previously.

04/10/17 01:43
Thank you Carshalton. I have to admit for players to go to this extreme to try and annoy shows proof that they take this fantasy game too seriously lol. To say what's happening in chat is the lowest of the low... one should just leave lol
04/10/17 04:00
Maybe one or three of my personalities is in the guild but my 8th personality wont confirm or deny this
05/10/17 16:08
I have not been slain DW. I am still here. Haunting you
05/10/17 17:53
Get a life kid.
05/10/17 18:30
No need for Carshalton to get involved in this going by the early warning. FOD moves on. Like I said - the forum is not for us. No good comes of it. We have our views on players but will not involve in a 'tit for tat' with them and have no wish to give the moderators a headache.