Juggernauts can't win without resorting to underhanded methods.

13/02/18 17:59
Wow, what a usless bunch you lot are. Can't win through skill so friendly the last man to death so we can't take him out.
Enjoy your recruiter points, shame they can't buy strategies.
13/02/18 18:07
Calling people cheats and c**ts because you were outwitted is very mature.

Its a strategy game, we used a guild strategy to beat you. Get over it and move on
13/02/18 18:10
Funny that you thought you had challenge in the bag as we always had the challenge in our control you had 24 hours so if you cant take the heat disband your guild
13/02/18 18:12
Or is the question to find 25 active guild members
13/02/18 18:14
Is sasl short for 'skills are sadly lost'?
13/02/18 18:15
No we learn how to play without MB at SASL unlike you lot
13/02/18 18:20
This is really uncalled for. A lot of teams is using this strat so why take us out for using it. What about you guys using boost???????
13/02/18 18:21
We never thought it was in the bag as we have drawn every time we've met and assumed from the off it would likley be the same.
We've allways been fine with that as it's usually a fair fight.
Apparently you guys want to beat us so badly that you have to resort to dirty underhanded tricks.
Tsek man tsek.
13/02/18 18:24
No one used mb as far as I know, pointless, allways drawn with you without. Most saving for new season so doubt any did, will ask and admit if wrong though.
13/02/18 18:28
Talking about dirty underhand why dont you ask your players to play with out MB or better ask the couple of people who was left after you almost played 48 games to go and play olofie we kept him busy thats not underhand that is strategy so if you want to cry after 23 hours and 30 min because your team could not play 48 games kick your inactive members