The International Fight Club are auditioning for a new member.

09/04/18 01:02
That's right folks the global mega guild 'The International Fight Club' is holding auditions for a spot in our prestigious world class guild!
Do you have what it takes to be a part of one of the leading global powers of the game? Did you allways dream big but were squashed by a tragic back story? If the answer is 'yes, hell yes', then you may become one of the few to reach the live finals and maybe, just maybe be crowned winner of this seasons 'Rugby needs talent'.
The lucky winner will receive a spot in the renowned international fight club and acsess to facebook and whatsapp pages along with many enjoyable banter filled nights.

Applicants must be level 60+ and have the permission of the bill payer.
09/04/18 21:58
Sorry don't do auditions
09/04/18 23:10
I was being funny, I thought anyway. You had invite and could have joined but instead went to scruuuuhahahmmhahahattttrruu.. Uuuxchhhaabll.. I can't say it mate, name makes me laugh.. We just played them... again.. their shite.. still... didn't play half their matches. Five of our guild are ex leaders of that guild they left because the guys left their now in charge are petty wind up merchants. Enjoy mate. Offers still open when you change your mind. Might have another slot open soon too, could bring Mel as well.
Seriously you might as well have stayed in hawaii cos theyre way better than the guild you chose today..
09/04/18 23:37
I was being funny as well. Reference to zlatan
09/04/18 23:37
I was being funny as well. Reference to zlatan
10/04/18 00:15
Whos zlatan? Confused, doesn't take much these days.
10/04/18 00:30
Google. Zlatan ibrahimavic doesn't do auditions
11/04/18 23:47
I get scared in interviews
12/04/18 13:29
Romford II :

I get scared in interviews

It's OK it's not formal. Besides you passed interview with the arse whooping you gave me yesterday, lol.
Have you got a tragic back story?
12/04/18 18:51
I'm from Romford, that's more than tragic enough I reckon lol