Caernarfon RFC

07/09/16 03:01
Sorry to see you go Caernarfon, had some pretty good friendlies against you but never got to match up in comp. I've sold up also.

I've discovered a few things that In honestly will make you think twice about paying for one time offers or gold balls.

We all have noticed after the latest changes and l21 buildings added that tp seem to drop well they did.

After I sold up I got all 6* star players, didn't train them and had a tournament game. Each player got 20-30 tps to assign for one match. Then I hard trained them out of curiosity and got between 6-15 tps.

I had one player receive 38tps for one hard training with a training speed of 58% So it kinda makes sense that no one out of the newcomers is complaining about the game only us that have been here from day 1.

Next thing I noticed was my one time offers where cheaper than they had ever been when offered to me.

I joined a gulid of all newcomers and I found out that they get more tps than we do without a fully upgraded training facility, but also the developers have added teams themselves I found this by checking what comps my new guild mates are in.

So they have been milking us, and it has become unfair as each should player should receive equal treatment, this is systematic fraud.

I've contacted apple and have laid a complaint with screenshots of all my findings and have requested that I be refunded, I advise you all to do the same

07/09/16 09:32
Thanks Mattyjj, I also found as others have that the developers are manipulating some teams, mine included. Id beat someone in a friendly by 40 points the in a championship or tournament, id lose. I thought initially it was mb, so then i maxed my mb and id still lose. Things are not making a lot of sense, and many agree.
07/09/16 09:59
Another question that needs to be asked is why do players at lower levels get 3 times the amount of training points than players at top levels?

We noticed they capped it awhile back but when enquiring about it they assured us we were wrong

Then to actually find out lower levels are getting 3 times as much even with low training speed players is just absolute BS

How is that fair? the teams that have funded the game from the start are being ripped off! Then made to quit

I'll be doing some enquiring into this!

I have heard of people getting full refunds because of this!

07/09/16 10:40
the developers are lazy and bent
07/09/16 10:56
Who give a shit stop complaining if your not playing the game anymore stop playing. Not just say your quitting and still playing because the developers will just be there laughing
07/09/16 11:09
And who are you Richard Cranium?
07/09/16 11:27

Join this group on fb if you want to see the facts of how they are ripping us off
07/09/16 11:27

Join this group on fb if you want to see the facts of how they are ripping us off
07/09/16 11:56
The Man from Delmonte :

the developers are lazy and bent

You are pushing your luck. Perhaps you would like to explain further and provide some evidence of this? Alternatively you may consider withdrawing the latter part of the 'allegation'? Your choice.
07/09/16 12:10
No i will reinforce my belief. They have failed to develop the game since level twenty that is a fact? Why is that? And if you read through this thread you will find that many feel they are being ripped off. Why again are you pickimg on me whilst others are saying the same thing? Is it the fact you will never hold a candle to me. Address the issues and stop picking on the customers.