Dearthington RFC

14/05/16 18:26
Welcome to a small but expanding guild, a place of activity, friendship, banter and competition.
We are recruiting members to start competing in guild challenges. With a highly active base of players currently we are looking to add to this!
Form friendships, challenge other members to show who is boss and enjoy the competitive nature of those already here!
Guild is currently open to all with over 15,000 fans to allow for smaller players as well as larger to join and develop within the guild.

17/05/16 01:25
Good guild where everyone is active

Would advise to all.
23/05/16 21:54
ever expanding, have now entered into the guild challenge arena, hoping for more members so that cycling members will be more plausible and so that no one member feels overwhelmed by expectation.
Maybe reach a stage when a little friendly in guild competition can take place for positions within the guild challenge.
After our success so far in attracting more members I feel confident we will be welcoming more soon.
25/05/16 20:48
We need more active players to join our guild
25/05/16 20:48
We need more active players to join our guild
28/05/16 02:06
great guild very friendly and help full, giving everyone a chance in the compitions but need more players
07/07/16 01:50
3 Guild challenges a week and regular wins, with a highly active alliance with ever progressing members now is an excellent time to join and lift our alliance to rival even the greatest!