Muppet of the week.

06/12/16 21:54
And the Muppet can read. Can't think logically or understand difficult concepts, but can read. Here is to you rucking. And trust me, you arent half as good as you try to say you are

Qualities of a muppet
1. Beats a person 2 levels under them in a friendly.
2. Uses subs to 'prove point's
3. Waits for person 2 levels below to do intensive training
4. After losing all matches to the person without subs by 21, 21, 21 and 14 goes onto forums preaching their greatness
5. Can't comprehend a simple concept of minimizing variables.
6. Looks at self in mirror with confidence despite everyone else looking at them with disdain.

And getting an amazing 6/6 rucking broncos wins.

Now play me some more so you can sleep at night big boy.
06/12/16 22:31
Just played your so called nomination right after he played his cup game, checked his team had healed before i played, i will not post the result on here but you know where to find it BM mate. Check the cup and you will see he was online.
06/12/16 23:06
Yeah, but the reason you beat him from 3 levels below was all because of home advantage. BWAHAHAHAHA. what a genuine muppet.
06/12/16 23:14

I received an invitation right after that game, to be fair it does say on the guild wall "play the leader for an invite".