MB solution?

27/07/16 23:21
I was wondering if linking the amount of match bonus that any team can pay to their match earning potential might be a way to go.

So for instance if you had a fully filled level 21 stadium and also a level 21 ticket office you would be able to pay a larger match bonuses. It would encourage players to upgrade those match day revenue creating buildings, and would mean that away teams in GVG challenges could pay a bonus without becoming bankrupt, seeing as every game you play brings in gate receipt monies. It'd also be another encouragement for people to keep full stadia as losing fans would affect their maximum match bonus.

In order to allow the lesser star rated teams the chance of completing a giant killing win you could set the maximum bonus payment an away team could pay to 10% less than their match earning potential.

Any thoughts? Would this work?
28/07/16 03:04
MB is fine as it is so why change it? if it aint broke dont fix it,
28/07/16 07:59
How about you can only use mb once every 24 hours?