Looking for a new challenge.

09/10/16 11:56
Level 28 recently left a top guild for the sole reason of a new challenge, either with a new guild or an exsisting guild. Caernarfon RFC.
09/10/16 12:04
I sent u a invite if u want to join us
09/10/16 15:31
09/10/16 16:02
Which guild is that croxton?
09/10/16 16:04
Scrum Down Ruck Over Drink Up. Sent an invite I think bud just incase you fancy checking us out
09/10/16 16:09
Saying that, don't you HAVE to join? After all, your slogan is totally based around saying yes!
09/10/16 16:12
Thanks buddy
09/10/16 16:15
09/10/16 18:50
Kudos on the team by the way, most anyone's put past me when I've actually been trying (not offline and actually cared). Didn't expect to get close given the disparity but was very impressive
09/10/16 23:28
I cant move at the moment for another 18 hours.